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Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Release Recap

Everything is Borrowed by The Streets
Everything is Borrowed emphasizes more intricate arrangements for live instrumentation, and while its expansiveness doesn't always work, Skinner can still grab your attention with well-placed touches. These songs, though, are definitely clear and present. This the thinking mans rap album.

Double Night Time by Mogan Geist
After turning the Dance music world on its head with his Metro Area project (alongside collaborator Darshan Jesrani) and mining rare disco gems with the seminal obscure disco DJ mix Unclassics (2004), Geist decided it was time to turn his attention to a solo album that would indulge his own early influences and guilty pleasures: Techno-Pop, Prog Rock and pure Electronic music.

Nectar by Natalia Clavier
You probably don't know the name, but you may recognize the voice, as she supplies vocals for most of the best tracks on Federico Aubele's "Panamericana," including the haunting "Maria Jose." Her voice is a soothing aural pillow, only it won't put you to sleep. You will want to wrap yourself up in sound of her mellifluous voice time and again.

Rejoin by Brightblack Morning Light
Motion to Rejoin is like the Sunday morning day after, when everything looks a little less sexy as you're veeery slooowly trying to find the coffee while your hook-up insists on reading headlines from the paper out loud. The Rhodes is still there, but it's less obtuse funk than sepia waves of sound.

Magic Monday by Michna
A former Diplo collaborator and one-time Jandek remixer — about as unlikely a resume you will ever find — the young Michna is the newest DJ in the Ghostly International roster, and immediately its least serious and most fun. Across Magic Monday, Michna gets coy and playful, composing pieces that fans of Gotan Project and their ilk would absolutely dig.

One Color by Up, Bustle and Out
Great album from a consistently great band. This is from back when they were a big group. (Now they're just a couple or three guys who work with other musicians an album at a time.) The basic idea is incorporation of music from all over the world with fantastic electronica beats with a bit of Latin American Revolutionary fervor and worldly awareness.

Git by Skeletons and Girl Faced Boys
Git is scrambled-up pop with loads of electronics and blissfully boyish melodies, as if Butterfly Child's Joe Cassidy found lifelong happiness, ditched his string section, and decided to use Todd Rundgren's sprawling '70s albums for some sonic direction. You'll either embrace the album or dismiss it for its many eccentricities.

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