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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oldies but Goodies

The Classics

Moon Safari by AIR
French duo Air's debut album is a superlatively happy collection of experimental disco-mood sound nestled between ambient soundscape and breathy pop.

Life by The Cardigans
The Cardigans are something special. They approach indie-pop with a bag full of jazz chords at times, and at other times with an electronica groove.

Singles by The Smiths
This is alternative rock at its best, jangly guitar riffs, brooding and very English vocals, breakneck fast and morose in just the right doses.

Best Of by The Housemartins
If you like melodic, guitar-driven rock in a popular presentation (accessible and memorable), this is the ticket. And this CD is a very large collection of songs for one disc.

I Love Serge: Electronicagainsbourg by Serge Gainsbourg
Serge Gainsbourg put his extraordinary talent to merging Euro-Pop music with Latin and African rhythms on this album, and comes up with the most hip & happening lounge music you'll find.

Garden State [SOUNDTRACK] by Various Artists

You will appreciate this soundtrack (and the movie for that matter) to the core of your soul, if you have the humility and self-consciousness to have ever felt lost, alone or that certain inexplicable feeling that "you still haven't found what you're looking for...."

Layourbattleaxedown by The Concretes
It has a crisp, yet dreamy sound that is filled with lovely melodies and lyrics, both of which are powerful in their simplicity.

Quelqu'Un M'a Dit by Carla Bruni
Rarely does an album come along that touches everyone who listens to it, even those that do not speak the language in which it was recorded.

Brazilian Girls by Brazilian Girls
If you ever need a definition of "cool," forget the dictionary and check this out instead.

The Life Aquatic by Seu Jorge
His voice is very hypnotic and mellow. He could be on his way to becoming the new century's Brazilian Bob Marley. And no longer being an Import.

Arular by M.I.A.
If you don't believe in her politics, listen to the music. We can't all be John Lennon. But we could aspire to be Public Enemy - different genre, same ethos.

Remixes from Moffou by Salif Keita
A perfect beginning for those looking to acquaint themselves with popular West African music.

Illinois by Sufjan Stevens
"Illinois" is an album of remarkable breadth, depth and ambition.

The Milk of Human Kindness by Caribou
Full of life and tasteful production/instrumentation, this art record's got antlers, though still progresses like a more delicate animal.

Le Petit Cosmonaute by Jerome Miniere
A nice mix of smooth ambiences, weirds sounds and evolutive music.

Buzzin' Fly Vol. 2 by Various Artists

Second volume in Ben Watt's groundbreaking "Buzzin' Fly" series is a concept DJ mixset, fusing street poetics with forward-thinking electro-infused deep house.

Gran Hotel Buenos Aires by Frederico Aubele
If you're a fan of downbeat/downtempo/lounge/dub music, you honestly won't find a better CD on the market today than Hotel Buenos Aires.

Salle Des Pas Perdue by Coralie Clements
This is a perfect example for modern timeless music the french way.

La Disparition by Karen Ann
Singer/songwriter who follows in the footsteps of Francoise Hardy but with a new trip hop sensibility that makes her sound like Paris in the autumn.

Tropicalia: Essentials by Various Artists
a wonderful anthology of the musical diversity and experimentation that TROPICALIA was about.

Lou Entendue by TOOG
Intimate, Quirky, Charming and Inventive Electronic Pop Music on Theremins. Toog is the Alter Ego of Parisian Giles Weinzaepflen.

Adapt or Die by Everything but the Girl
A favorite both in the clubs and with critics and aficionados, the duo's innovative sound has become iconic to the genre of "pop-tronica".

The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid by The Real Tuesday Weld

Audacious in its potent mixture of ancient and modern sounds and styles embracing breezy bossa nova, classic pop and gentle psychedelica.

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