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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dies, MTV King Of Pop

Michael Jackson
August 29, 1958 - July 25, 2009
No matter what your opinion of Michael Jackson, no one can deny the talent he exuded while performing on stage. Michael not only shaped generations but was highly influential to the creation and success of MTV. I myself remember saving up enough allowance money to purchase my replica of the jacket worn in the video "Bad". I would put on a pair of black floods, loafers, white glove and fedora only to run to the concrete slab in front of our garage to perform as best I could my version of "Billy Jean". My fondest moment was staying up with my family gathered around the television set for Motown's 25th Anniversary. Although I lost interest in Michael's music after the "Bad" years, I will always remember the years of enjoyment he not only gave me but the world.

In honor of this talent, I have put together a jukebox spanning the career
of Michael Jackson for you to enjoy.
We also encourage you to comment with your stories of how Michael impacted your life.

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