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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pet Shop Boys Create Pandemonium

Pet Shop Boys have covered a lot of ground in their career, from high-art projects such as soundtracking Eisenstein's silent film classic Battleship Potemkin to pure frothy pop moves such as recording their latest album, Yes, with Girls Aloud producer Xenomania.

It's still somewhat unexpected, however, to find that the key visual reference for their latest, Es Devlin-designed show is Pink Floyd's relentlessly gloomy prog-rock epic The Wall. Happily, where Pink Floyd's wall gradually isolated the band from their audience, the Pet Shop Boys' equivalent was much more fun. The duo initially appeared from doors within it, their heads encased in coloured cubes, and kicked off with their chart-topping 1988 hit, Heart. The set that followed was peppered with new songs, notably Pandemonium, which segued, only partially successfully, into their classic Can You Forgive Her?.

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