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Friday, September 11, 2009

More PSB Exclusive Remixes

New Pet Shop Boys Mixes
The boys have begun their North American leg of the Pandemonium Tour and in celebration we have compiled a player of rare and exclusive mixes below. Exclusive versions include: "Home and Dry", "To Step Aside", "The Way It Use To Be" amongst others. We will continually add new releases and more exclusives as they become available.

Listen To The Pet Shop Boys retrospective with excerpts from "Yes
including the new remixes of "Did You See Me Coming"
and the new track "Up And Down" below.

click on any track to begin


  1. Thanks for the mixes. Can you describe what exact mixes are used?:
    "Did You See Me Coming?"
    "Home and Dry"
    "Love Comes Quickly"
    "To Step Aside"
    "The Way It Used to Be"

  2. Bootleg Mixes not really available anywhere else.