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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Music from Weezer, Morrissey, J Tillman and Themselves

Year In The Kingdom by J Tillman
Year in the Kingdom may not be a feast of eclecticism, but it is a lesson in the construction of compelling, stripped-down folk.

Swords by Morrissey
While a large proportion of these Swords are decidedly blunt blades, a few could have easily found a place on a greatest hits.

3 by Susanna And The Magical Orchestra
Ambitious and diverse, 3 opens new possibilities for Susanna & the Magical Orchestra, but it shares the sense of wonder and beauty in all of their music.

Raditude by Weezer
Driving yet jaunty guitars abound and backing chants fill the required spaces, yet it all comes across too much like a sub-par parody of their former selves.

Crossdown by Themselves
Doseone’s rapping is thicketed to the point of impenetrability; whatever he wishes to convey gets lost in his internal rhymes.

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