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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mock and Toof: Tuning Echoes

Following a near-perfect string of singles and remixes for the likes of the Juan Maclean, Hot Chip, Scissor Sisters, Holy Ghost! and numerous others, British electro duo Mock & Toof (aka Duncan Stump and Nick Woolfson) have revealed the details for their debut full-length album.

The release is called Tuning Echoes and will be released on May 24 via the band's Tiny Sticks label. While the band have often been lumped into the “nu-disco” genre, Stump hopes Echoes will break that tag.

“We've never been about 'nu-disco,' whatever that means anyway,” he said in a press release. “Anyone who knows our music will know that we're a bit all over the place as producers. If we like an idea, we run with it, and we're much more comfortable being eclectic and not pigeonholed. Hopefully, the album will help us in our quest for non-categorisation!”

Our favorite tracks include: Farewell to Wendo (featured here), From Kashima, Shoeshine Boogie, Underwater, P2160 and Take Me Home.

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