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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Driving along an inspirational course set in between '80s synth pop and indie rock preferences, Toog ultimately offers unique themes filled with stirring melodies. Toog is the real name of Gilles Weinzaepflen, born in the city of Mulhouse, set in between the Swiss and French border. After living several years in Marseilles, a city in the south of France, he decided on moving to Paris, where he started his musical journeys in 1995. Following a tour alongside Momus and Kahimi Karie, Toog decided on initiating his own musical career. Constructing keen compositions set in between the inspirations of late-'80s pop music and bestowing soul and sharp lyrics, Toog rapidly started arranging the release of his debut album. In 1998, he managed to offer his first independently released eponymous album, Toog, one year before joining Momus' catalog, Analog Baroque. 6633 showed up in 1999 as the musician's second studio recording, and in 2001 Easy Toog for Beginners substantiated his better musical creational fields and we suggest starting there.

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